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About Us


Welcome to our family-friendly pub, where Jennie and Stacie, a mother-daughter team, have created a welcoming space for families to relax and enjoy quality time together. With Jennie's experience as a mother of five and Stacie's experience as a mother of four (and a dog), they understand the needs of families first-hand. Safety and cleanliness are a top priority, and they strive to create a stress-free and enjoyable experience for families in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

We not only cater to the tastes of humans but also extend a warm welcome to our four-legged friends. We take pride in being a dog-friendly establishment, ensuring that your furry companions are just as comfortable and well taken care of as our human guests.

As you step into our pub, you'll immediately notice the cheerful atmosphere filled with wagging tails and happy barks, including our very own furry friend Holly. Our staff members are not only friendly to humans but are also enthusiastic about greeting and interacting with our canine visitors. Water bowls and treats are readily available to quench your dog's thirst and keep their tails wagging throughout their visit.

We have delightful garden play area designed to entertain children while providing a relaxing space for parents to unwind. Step into our enchanting garden and let the laughter of children and the soothing atmosphere melt your stress away.

Watch your little ones explore a world of excitement with our wide range of games and activities. We offer a variety of games and colouring supplies to spark their creativity and keep them engaged. they'll have a blast playing and discovering new adventures!